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Agent — No slam dunk Jeremy Lin re-signs with New York Knicks

New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin feels good but doubts return for first round – ESPN New York

Jeremy Lin of New York Knicks to have surgery on torn meniscus

Mike Woodson — Jeremy Lin to remain New York Knicks starting PG

New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin — Ben & Jerry’s apologizes for ‘Lin-Sanity’ flavor

A break from Lin to put focus back on Howard

A signed Jeremy Lin rookie card goes for $21,580 on eBay;_ylt=Al8DgDHW5d.6.I.MQoErNxK8vLYF

Hurney, Rivera differ on Shockey’s future – NFL;_ylt=Aizum9pexRwAsYwpOIi8dK5DubYF?slug=ap-panthers-shockey

NBA Erik Spoelstra hopes play trumps race

NBA Jeremy Lin finds fancy apartment

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